Artist Statement – photography

Basically, lovers in love for a long period of time tend to look alike.  Love is a complex aspect in people’s live especially in the modern society (Vincent, 2014). Being in love is a good idea, but how to ensure that the love last for eternity is the hardest task for many people around the world. Nevertheless, whenever couples take care of their love for a long period of time in their live they tend to look familiar and similar in body, soul and mind. Couples who have stayed in their relationship for many years tend to think under one line, their emotions seems similar, behaviors the same and facial structure the same.

The art of old couples who look alike when they group up is usually created to encourage many people in relationships to take care of each other because they are the same in nature. The art brings the happiness of being together in a relationship especially as if couples. As they say, “Old is gold,” it is important for the young couples to embrace the old relationship where the old people still enjoy their love even when their hair turns gray (Vincent, 2014). The photography was take in a smart background of a home to illustrate that the couple have been together in their home for a long period of time and it’s the reason they have managed to build a lasting home.  A long lasting love is a beautiful thing because beautiful things in life are able to be achieved. Overall, looking alike when you grow old is an encouragement to the young couples as they will be able to take care of their love. For the artist, the theme is some much dependable because many theme are most likely to sourced from it. In short, strong love and stay



Vincent, S. (2014). Old couples know the ways of love: artistic statement communication. New York Publishers.


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