The Canadian passenger car category can be segmented in a number of ways

February 9, 2021



  • To develop a solid understanding of the STP concept.

Part I – Segmentation (20 marks)

  • The Canadian passenger car category can be segmented in a number of ways. Choose one car company, for example Nissan, and identify 4 segments your car manufacturer has decided to serve, based on the needs/ lifestyles of different groups of people. Focus your analysis on the passenger car market, not commercial/heavy trucks, buses/coaches. Stick to the Canadian market.
  • Using the Nissan example on p. 2 as a guide, complete the chart for your chosen company. (Note: do not use the minivan segment.)

Part II – Targeting (3 marks)

  • What targeting strategy is your car manufacturer using? Explain your reasoning.

Part III – Positioning (4 x 3 marks each)

  • The text refers to 5 common positioning strategies:  Value, Product Attributes, Image/Lifestyle (text calls “Benefits & Symbolism”), Competition and Market Leadership.
  • Find 4 examples of print or out-of-home ads (not video), each depicting one of the positioning strategies (four different ads, four different strategies). Clearly label the benefit communicated in each ad and the positioning strategy used to communicate that benefit. (Remember, the positioning strategy must be singular.) In one sentence, explain your reasoning. The ads do not have to be from the company chosen in Part I above.
  • Attach all 4 ads to hand in
  • Ensure each example is an actual advertisement and not a meme
  • Ensure ad copy is large enough to read
  • Consider magazines, newspapers and websites – e.g.,,; photos of OOH ads work as well
  • The examples must be relatively recent (in last 5 years).
  • The examples cannot be something discussed in class.

Overall Communication (5 marks)

  • Easy to read: type your report in size 12 Arial font, attachments in question order above, ad copy is large enough to read
    • Spelling (sp), Grammar (g), Word Choice (wc) etc.
    • Proper citation, where appropriate. Include reputable sources – e.g. no blogs.
    • Upload to Blackboard Gradebook. Note: I will not go to websites to view ads.

Part I Segmentation

Category: passenger cars

Company: Nissan

Segment Primary Need Addressed Key demographic variables Key Psychographic variables Key Behavioural variables Brand example
Mini van Accommodate 5 to 7 people Families with children at home under 18   Lifestyle: family- related activities (sports, travel) Benefits sought: economy (acquisition price, fuel) Nissan Quest

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