Using research and evidence in social work practice

A 2000-word (1850 for you) essay to cover the following learning outcomes:
A1: Identify the range of sources of evidence that inform social work practice.
C1: Explain the application of different forms of evidence in best practice
D1: Reflect on how evidence can inform the learner’s own professional development and practice
The essay question it is suggested you write to is:
Evaluate the range of evidence that can inform best social work practice and reflect how this evidence will
inform your own professional development.
You should be drawing on research to demonstrate that you are able to locate, review and consider the relevance
of research to practice issues.
As this is to be submitted in the form of an essay it would not be expected that you would use subheadings.
In relation to the concept of ‘best practice’, consider thinking back to what you covered in the Readiness for
Practice module – what were you taught about what constitutes good practice in the areas you covered in the
module? Visit the SCIE website for details on what is has found regarding best practice with various client
This is the guidance I have received and there will be a part where personal professional development will come
into play but I shall write that part myself.
Included is an exemplar of what the essay should cover however, it is just an example we were given, I am not a
fan of how it is written but I like how you write so if you could work your magic I would really appreciate,
thank you

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