The question that needs to be answered is "Is Democracy Dying?"

Is democracy dying? You can select one aspect of democracy (such as voting, political representation, the rise of
populism, or democratic backsliding, and so on), or take a broader perspective. In your answer, be sure to focus
on the quality and strength of the empirical evidence and any methodological issues of concern.
(from me)
if the writer can take on the approach that democracy is being manipulated in the 21st century and that it is not
strictly dying that would be great. Also, try to refer to evidence within your answer to support claims made as
well as political theory.
Try to talk about Democracies in the Western World for example and issues like Brexit in the UK or Trumpism
in the US or speak about other democracies around the world and examples that come to mind for you
It is up to you what democracies and examples you wish to talk about. give an introduction and explain what
democracy is and go from there. try to focus the broader perspective of democracy, I think this would make it
easier for you.
Reference all quotes and statistics to avoid plagiarism as much as possible. You can reference graphs too if this
helps and place them within the paper.
Please create a bibliography too of all references

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