case study write-up of a sexual offender 'Bob'

• In essay format include 3 social sub-topics from those covered in lectures (e.g. SLT, Identity, Labelling Theory)
• Introduce and describe the social paradigm of psychology
• Each sub-area should:
1. Introduce and describe the topic (i.e. what is SLT)
2. Introduce the key theories relating to the topic
3. Note and critically assess any research relating to the topic.
4. Suggest how this topic might explain the behaviour of the person in the case study.
• Overall conclusion
• Double spaced, times new roman, 12point, left-aligned for subheadings if used, central for the title.
• Page number in the header
• Cited and Referenced throughout (min 10). APA Style 7th Edn with good quality academic sources, make sure
to DOI every reference, use peer-reviewed journals, a mixture of primary and secondary sources.
• 2:1 grade is fine, a little plagiarism is fine too, I do not want the paper to be perfect with a 0% score

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