"Legal Privilege: The role of the lawyer in information security breaches"

Topic: “Legal Privilege: The role of the lawyer in information security breaches”
Tutor insight to topic
Legal professional privilege is usually a common law or statutory evidentiary privilege from disclosure of different things arising in an attorney/client relationship and is often governed by case law.
So, you might pick a jurisdiction and examine the rules around that privilege and what that might mean, practically, in terms of what a lawyer can/should do in a data breach scenario.
Do some reading and thinking around the shallow descriptive a deep down critical analysis that shows depth.
** Pleaase if you pick a Jurisdiction (say Uk or US) please stick to it!!!. Do not mix up laws and rules across jurisdiction except where you know such applies same for both. Read the texts and do your independent research.
Avoid repetition and make adequaiqute use of the law. be consistent in using oscola

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