"Is 'e-voting' a viable and sustainable option to use for UK Government elections rather than the current paperbased system?"

seems that online voting for Government elections would present a straightforward solution to the problems
many countries face with low voter turnout, manual errors in the physical counting of votes and relying on the
postal system for overseas nationals.
Since the turn of the century, many highly advanced, populated countries have embraced e-voting. Most
European countries have since returned to paper ballot systems.
Remember the definition of e-voting is “the application of electronic technology to cast and count votes in an
election”. Most countries utilise ‘on site’ voting with advanced identity verification processes. Remote e-voting
is in a much earlier stage of development and testing. If you consider this in your report you need to be clear on
the differences between the two voting systems.
You are required to carry out a small research project and produce a research report.
The purpose of your research project is to answer the following research question:
“Is ‘e-voting’ a viable and sustainable option to use for UK Government elections rather than the current paperbased system?”
Your report should consider whether e-voting would present a fair, secure, accessible and reliable system for the
UK at the present time by weighing up the potential risks and benefits.
You will need to produce an assignment plan for the research project and report before you begin.
The report should be written using the recommended format and structure as outlined in the study materials for
this unit.
Relevant theory must be referenced, and you must provide a references list and bibliography.
A copy of any surveys or questionnaires used and/or transcripts of interviews must be included to evidence that
primary research has taken place. The outcomes from the primary research must be presented using graphs,
charts and/or tables and these must be included in the report.

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