Compare and/or contrast symbols or images of nationalism in the literary forms of W.B. Yeats’ drama Cathleen Ni Houlihan (1902) and Jean Rhys’s novel Voyage in the Dark (1934).

You have 24 hours in which to complete and submit your exam. Ideally, you should spend no
more than two to three hours on this exam – try and maintain as close to the original exam
conditions as possible for maintaining your sanity and for minimizing the work that you put into
this assignment. It is intended to be an exam, not a formal take-home essay.
Acceptable Resources:
For this exam, you may use your copies of the course readings, your notes from class, an MLA
guide, and a dictionary or thesaurus. You may not, however, use the Internet during the exam to
consult SparkNotes, Shmoop, Cliff Notes, Wikipedia, LitCharts, or any other literary analysis
websites. Any exams suspected of violating CUE’s Academic Integrity policy will be investigated
and subject to sanctions.
1. Download the exam handout from your email.
2. Open a blank document in a word processing program, and save it under the
following title “ENG 365A – Your Last Name_Final Exam.”
3. Format your document according to MLA standards for submissions.
4. Draft your exam and save it as a .pdf when you are ready to submit.
Compare and/or Contrast Essay: (20% course grade)
For the final exam, you will be required to write a compare/contrast essay using two of the assigned
texts from the course. The essay must be between 1400-1600 words in length, with a well-organized
and original argument, supported with direct, cited evidence from both the texts. This is a formal,
non-research essay that allows you to put into perspective the varying themes and ideas that have
run throughout the course this term. Draw upon your breadth of knowledge and critical skills to
complete your response.
Your essay should include the following:
● Title
● Thesis statement
● Body paragraphs
● Brief introduction and conclusion
● Examples and evidence (in-text citations required)
● Works cited page
Choose ONE of the following topics and write a compare and/or contrast essay:
1. The creation and maintenance of a national imagination depends on the circulation of
symbols and images of national identity through cultural forms, and over the course of
the modernist period British literature experienced shifting relationships to nationalism.
Compare and/or contrast symbols or images of nationalism in the literary forms of W.B.
Yeats’ drama Cathleen Ni Houlihan (1902) and Jean Rhys’s novel Voyage in the Dark
2. Literary modernism demonstrates a preoccupation with the concept of time – both in terms
of form and content – in its reaction against the past. Compare and/or contrast how James
Joyce and Virginia Woolf experiment with the concept of time in the form and/or content of
their short stories “The Dead” (1914) and “The Mark on the Wall” (1917), respectively.
3. “High” modernism relied on gendered and classed distinctions between and within forms of
cultural consumption, particularly reading. Compare and/or contrast the representation of
gendered and/or classed forms of cultural consumption in the novels Howards End (1910)
and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926) by E.M. Forster and Agatha Christie, respectively.

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