humor diary essay

Go back over your humor diary entries and identify a group of people, a location, or an individual, possibly yourself, (not all three!) about which you have at least 5 diary entries. What does their laughter tell you about them/it? What is shared across the entries, what is different? Who are they or what characterizes the location, in relation to you? What else is remarkable from the standpoint of a humor researcher interested in the psychology, sociology, linguistics, history, etc. of humor? Make use of the theories and methodologies we discussed this semester.
uggested structure:
introduce your group/location/individual (remember to pseudonymize!)
summarize the laughter behavior, its characteristics/scripts/logic/targets/social functions/etc. using the knowledge and methods we discussed this semester
provide at least 2 detailed examples analyzed that way
how does this characteriiquze your group/location/individual?
summarize and conclude

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