The American Empire In The Middle East" by Max Boot

. For this order I need a 10 page historiographical paper
(historiography) that uses 5 books (Its really just 3 books and two readings that are from 2 other books that I will
include). Two of the books being used will look at American Empire in a positive light while the other three will
look at the negative side.
The books for the positive side of American Empire are:
1) “The American Empire In The Middle East” by Max Boot
2) “Colossus: The Ris and Fall of the American Empire” by Niall Ferguson
The books that look at American Empire negatively are:
3) “Among Empires” by Charles S. Maier (I will attach the excerpt for this book)
4) “Visions of Empire” by Krishan Kumar (I will attach the excerpt for this book)
5) “How to Hide an Empire: A Short History of the Greater United States” by Daniel Immerwahr
The books that I didn’t attach anything for should be able to be found at a library. Thank you.
Essentially this paper is a historiographical conversation between you and four authors, oriented around a theme
(American Empire) that links them.
It should include critical analysis.

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