NHS England in 2019 published the NHS Long Term Plan (NHS England, 2019). This
plan has been designed to help sustain the NHS over the next ten years and has
highlighted certain aspects within care provision that need to be taken into
consideration such as disease prevention, the eradication of health inequalities
and offering ‘digital first’ care where appropriate.
As an external consultant, you have been asked to perform a SWOT analysis to help
advise an NHS Foundation Trust as to how they can enhance their performance and
incorporate the NHS Long Term Plan effectively within the delivery of care
You should research ONE London NHS Foundation Trust, choosing either:
Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
Use their most recently published Annual Report that is available on the Internet
to determine their overall performance as an organisation and how they are
responding to the needs of the local population within the catchment area.
To gain a clearer picture of the needs within the catchment area, please review
the local CCG and JSNA reports.
State five key research findings in each section of the SWOT table. (Include the
table in the assignment)
Write paragraphs about two of the key aspects that you have identified (Two from
each section of the SWOT table)
Finally, make five recommendations based on your SWOT findings and analysis.
You need to mention how the chosen Foundation Trust can maximise
strengths/opportunities and minimise weaknesses and threats.
References for all sources, including the research findings, should be included

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