Does Gentrification Cause Segregation in US Urban Cities?

Here are a few scholarly references: Diversity Explosion by William Frey; Journal article: E. Pluribus Unum:
Diversity in the Twenty-First Century by Robert Putnum; Diversity Impacts trust by Robert Putnam, Scholar
Eric Uslander; Divergent Pathways of Gentrification: Racial inequality and the Social Order Renewal in Chicago
Neighborhoods by Jackelyn Hwand and Robert Sampson.
Please note: my research paper should be written similarly to your sample research paper titled: Challenges of
Ethnic Diversity.
Also, Hurricane Katrina displaced many African Americans in New Orleans; Chicago has seen African
Americans displaced due to urban gentrification; Urban areas in New York City and Seattle Washington have
seen increases in gentrification and rich whites moving into these previously depressed areas.

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