Successful students with learning disabilities

The paper is an essay that will base its argument on the aspect of Successful students with learning disabilities. As an educator, it is of much concern to get to know the concept or rather the learning strategies that are more appropriate for ensuring that the students with the learning disabilities are just as successful as the able students. The paper, therefore, will give the best reason as to why the information is of more use to me as an educator.

Learning disabilities has been a problem in most of the schools across the world not only in the United States. The types of students’ learning difficulties, in this case, are numerous ranging from Oral language that incorporates speaking, listening, and understanding. The other disability is reading which includes phonetic knowledge, decoding and word recognition (Swanson, 2009).

The other learning disability that as an educator I need to know for the success of the student is math that incorporates the aspect of computing and problem solving. Similarly, as a teacher, I also need to note that written language also becomes a disability to some of the students who also needs to be addressed to the latter. Under the writing language, the student might have the problem of written expression and spelling (Swanson, 2009).

As an educator after becoming well conversant with the learning disabilities amongst your students, it is of much concern that the information on Successful students with learning disabilities will lead to the best and appropriate approach for the success of students. Getting to understand the information on Successful students with learning disabilities as an educator I also get the knowledge or rather the skills that are most appropriate for helping such students be successful. Success in this context does not mean passing their exams, and all is done, but it entrenches up to being successful in life (Swanson, 2009).

The information from Successful students with learning disabilities, as an educator I will get to understand the strategies that need to be used for the student with Oral language disability to overcome the disorder for his or her success (Swanson, 2009). The most appropriate strategy that as an educator will put into consideration is breaking tasks into smaller steps or rather units and try as much as possible giving directions in writing and other cases verbally. It is important as an educator to provide the student with the specific learning disability more time for finishing their school work or rather tasks that they are to undertake (Swanson, 2009).

The other strategy that needs to be put into consideration is letting students with reading as a learning disability to use textbooks on tapes. This strategy if implemented to the latter would help the partially blind and dyslexic disability to catch up with the able student, and this would lead to their success in both education and later in life (Swanson, 2009).

It is also of much concern as an educator to let the students with listening disabilities to get notes from classmates or even use a tape recorder to enhance their listening abilities since they would not get much from the class dictation. Lastly, as an educator, it is also of much concern that after noting some students have writing disability, it is my responsibility to let the students use the computers with specified software that enables spell checks, speech and grammar to enhance their skills (Swanson, 2009).


As an educator, we find that the research plays an important role that helps with critical information on helping the students with learning disabilities to be successful just as the other able students. From the strategies that are mentioned above, we find that the application of these strategies would enhance the success of the students in both education and later in their life. It is therefore of much concern as an educator to take heed of the strategies applicable to the respective learning disabilities(LD) for the success of the students with learning disabilities.


Swanson, H. L. (2009). Successful strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities of America.

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