social psychology

Social psychologist focus on the power of the social situation. Situations, according to social psychologists, influence how we think, feel, and behave. Below is a list of situations. Use the social psychology terms (word bank to the right) that are applicable to the social situation. Do a search of the criticisms of each situation. Write at least 2 positive criticisms and negative criticisms about the situation. Finally, write your opinion of the predicted success of the situation.

Use the following format for each situation.

The requirement to wear school uniforms: (Retype the situation)

a. Related psychological concepts:

b. Positive criticism:

c. Negative criticism: 

d. Predicted success: write your opinion at least 2 well developed sentences.


The requirement to wear school uniforms to reduce school violence.

a. Related psychological concepts: conformity, obedience, similarity, deindividuation

b.  Positive criticism: reduces the sense of competition among students on the basis of looks; reduces financial pressures for parents to provide their children with the most popular clothing; reduces the grounds on which students can be harassed for failure to conform to popular standards

c. Negative criticisms: reduces individual expression; superficial approach to reducing harassment of individual students

d. Predicted success: Violence is school has so many underlying problems such as: drug behaviors, environmental stressors, frustration, and bullying which may have nothing to do with how students dress. However, school violence particularly bullying behaviors related to dress could be reduced with uniforms. School uniforms will not stop the grouping of students based on race, culture, and ethnicity, and the influence on how others’ thinking, feelings, and behaviors. 

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This week’s application requires a bit of critical thinking and analysis.  For the application activity, you have the 4 situations, and you should look at the social psychology terms on the word bank to find which terms apply  (more than one will apply).  Next you should find at least 2 positive and negative criticisms for each situation. The criticism will reflect the terms you have chosen. Finally, you must decide what the outcome would be based on the criticism.

For example in situation 1 one possible social psychology term might be obedience. Very important to this application, like all applications, is to understand what the terms mean that you are connecting to the situations.

Social psychological terms

Remember the concepts can be used more than one situation.

social influenceconformity
obediencegroup polarization
deindividuationsocial impairment
compliancesocial role
reciprocity of likingaggression
affect componentbehavior component
persuasioncentral-route processing
behavior-route processingcognitive dissonance
fundamental attribution error (FAE)dispositional cause
situational cause attribution
diffusion of responsibilityaltruism

Address each of the situations. 

1. Cultural sensitivity training for college professors to reduce microagression. 

2. The requirement to wears mask to reduce the spread of the COVID-19.

3. Parents should have choices to vaccinate their children.

4. Religious organizations should adhere to the CDC guidelines for limited gatherings.

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