Santa Fe grill Mexican restaurant

Santa Fe grill Mexican restaurant
The Santa Fe grill Mexican restaurant was formed by two former business students at the University of
Nebraska, Lincoln. The new restaurant concept was based upon the freshest ingredients, complemented by a
festive atmosphere, friendly service, and the cutting-edge advertising and marketing strategies. The Santa Fe
grill was not successful as quickly as the owners had anticipated. They were not happy with the slow growth rate
of the restaurants operations and realised they needed to obtain a better understanding of three important
concepts: customer satisfaction, restaurant store image, and customer loyalty. Also, they needed to understand
where they were falling short in serving their customers. Not really knowing where to begin, they contacted one
of their past professors, who taught marketing research at the university, to gain some guidance.
Question 1: (500 words)
Based on what you studied in BE300 course and other external resources, what would be the professor
recommendations for Santa Fe grill Mexican restaurant owners according to the following criteria:
a. The type of research according to the nature of research inquiry: explain the three types of research and
determine the appropriate type for this case.
b. The type of data used and the source of data. Explain both and recommend the most appropriate type for this
Question 2: (500 words)
Defining the problem is the first stage in the research design process and arguably the most important. Hence,
the owners of the Santa Fe Mexican Grill restaurants hired you to conduct the research, and you are required to
do the following:
• identify and define the problem of the research.
• formulate the research objectives.
• determine the units of analysis required.
Explain each point in detail.

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