Roman History. Write a short story about a Roman soldier (either a legionary or an auxiliary)

This prompt by nature won’t take place in a modern setting, but the writer should carefully consider what ancient
and modern attitudes they choose to include in their work and why.
Your written response should include a discussion of which fragmented narrative from Roman history you chose
to write about and why. Why do you think it’s important for a modern audience to get a view into the life and
experiences of this person/group of people? What modern attitudes did you include in your writing vs. Roman
attitudes? How does the tension between modern and ancient morals inform your work?
short story (3-4 pages (750-1,000 words).
Double spaced, in 12pt font (Times New Roman or Helvetica), and 1-inch document margins.
You must follow the citation practices which we have been doing in our course this semester. Make sure you
review the citation guide. Your written portion must be accompanied by an informal bibliography (this does not
count towards your word count); see Requirements for more information.
Failure to incorrectly cite information that should be cited (ie: plagiarize) will result in you receiving a 0 on the
entire assignment and/or being reported to the University

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