Research methodology and proffessionl issues


Task 1 (Formative)
Produce an individual 500 word first draft proposal for an academic paper on a topic of your own choice which might reasonably be used to lead into an Individual Masters Project. The proposal should:
• Introduce the focus of the study – i.e. the topic area.
• Justify the selection of study area and explain why anyone should be interested
• Identify initial questions/hypothesis to be tested.
• Explore the issues, both positive and negative, of your chosen area
You will receive detailed formative feedback on this part of your work

Examine the first drafts of other students papers and see if you can find any common interests, contact the author(s), set up meetings and discuss the possibility of forming a team of 2 or 3 researchers who can work together looking at the area of interest and ultimately produce a joint paper.

Task 2 (Formative)
From the detailed feedback that you receive on your first draft, revise what you have written and redraft your previously written 500 words into a 1500-word second draft working towards an academic paper. Structure the paper so that you examine a topic, formulate an argument, assess the strengths and weaknesses and form a conclusion. This can be written either by yourself or a team of 2 or 3(max). At this stage your paper is expected to be no more than a review of literature. This second draft should be suitable to be submitted for peer review. You will receive detailed formative peer review feedback on this part of your work.

Task 3: Peer review (Formative)
Each individual needs to conduct a peer review of three revised 1500-papers. You will be required to critically assess the work of others and to provide them with a list of the strengths and weaknesses that you have determined. A feedback template will be provided. The quality of the three peer reviews that you provide to other students will be assessed. You will gain formative feedback on providing three high quality reviews.

Task 4: Write and publish an Academic Paper 100% (Summative ILOs 1-5)
Using the feedback which you obtain from your peer reviews revise your second draft paper into a final camera-ready version making full use of the critic peer reviews which you have received. Extend your 1500 words to take in the issues discussed and resubmit your final paper 2500 words. (a paper with more contributors can be correspondingly longer: 2500, 5000, 7500 max words according to 1, 2, or 3 contributors. Aim to publish your final paper to a preprint website Such as,, etc.


  1. You can work in research collaboration teams of 1, 2 or 3 for writing your paper and that choice will be yours. If you work in a team then you will each receive the same mark. The team mark will be the individual mark. It is your responsibility to set up the team and make sure that everyone makes a full contribution. You will need to state the contribution made by each group member i.e. 50% 50% or 60% 40% etc. Final marks will be allocated based on this contribution. Names on the paper should be in order of contribution made or alphabetical if the contribution is equal.
  2. Collectively the whole student group will be expected to upload their papers onto a public pre-print research site such as or Additional marks of 5% are available on proof of this successful upload. All submitted papers should include on the title page details of the upload website and reference number. i.e.
  3. We aim to publish the 20 best papers in an inhouse journal. This will be done by volunteer review team which will select papers for publication. You need to select the best papers for publication in an inhouse journal. We are expecting that the top 12-20 papers will be published in hard copy and circulated to libraries. There are no additional marks for being selected for the inhouse journal.

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