Organization and system- Hyperloop case study

The assignment must be presented as a report and not as an essay. We need to use 20-25 references from journal articles and conferences papers only. We need to use Harvard system in citations and references. Make sure the palargisim must not exceed %10. Please. Please make sure this assignments consist of 2 parts. Part 1 consist of 3800 words and part 2 is 600 words. For part 1, 2400 main content and 1400 words for appendices. Each appendix is 200 words for the 7 tools. Also, Each appendix should be presented in either a diagram or a table. Part 2 consist from 2 sub-parts 2a and 2b ( 600 words total). You can use any subject for the 2 parts and not mandatory the hyper loop case study. However, it should be clear and easy to understand and be sure part 2a (rich picture) must include words and your own drown diagrams,,
Please look at the second attached files for more details.

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