Modernism in Music

Do not attempt this assignment before you have read Prelude 6, and you have viewed the video, “Modernism in Music” located above. Use only your textbook. Google will give you very different information from that which is found in your textbook.
The objective of this assignment is to understand the general characteristics of modernist art and music of the early twentieth century. Your assignment has 2 parts:

  1. Summarize the article, “Early Modernist Art” on page 313 in your textbook. Your summary must include an explanation of the following terms. It should include a short explanation of each term, not merely a definition with an incomplete sentence. Word count minimum: 200 words
    • futurism
    • Dadaism
    • surrealism
    • Cubism
    • Expressionism
    • avant-garde
  2. Summarize the article, “Between Two Wars: Music in the Great Depression.” Your summary should include specific ways in which our country changed as a result of the Great War (I counted 6 – you may find more). It should also include an explanation of the music between wars, and the effect that the changes had on composers and their music. Word count minimum: 150-200 words.
    Word counts are a measurable way for me to determine if you have synthesized (“digested”) the textbook information. I am looking for:
    1. Central idea (main idea) sentence at the beginning of your paragraphs.
    2. Complex sentences that are well developed and clearly continue the main idea.
    3. Evidence of specific examples that demonstrate critical thinking and an analysiquis of the textbook material.

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