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Steps Involved in Writing Literature Review
Clarification of the Research Problem
However, any author must consider and satisfy several concerns before resulting to write a literature review. The researcher must make sure to inquire from the course instructor by asking more and relevant questions such as the least number of reference materials that should be exploited during the study . The author must also find out about the type and nature of research sources to be reviewed, whether journals, websites, course work materials, or books. Moreover, the author needs to inquire if he/she should summarize or criticize the reference sources by expounding on a commons subject matter. Consequently, the study needs to evaluate the sources and finds out if it is necessary to include subheadings, definitions, history, or other background content available .
Finding Models
A significant exercise entails a critical review of existing literature to look into how the writers from one’s profession or discipline have planned and composed their category of literature review. Once this has been checked, go through the literature review section, read and understand the type of themes that one may need to include in the scientific study . Comprehending other research works will enable one to identify ways they can organize their final review. It is also important to note that the reference section of the sources cited will probably be an excellent point of entry into one’s research studies.
Focus and Narrowing Down on the Topic
The simplicity of a research topic will enable the researcher to limit the number of reference materials required for information extraction and more understanding of the subject matter. Furthermore, a slim subject matter will help the author to obtain a better survey of appropriate resources available . Although it is imperative to have all the relevant sources available for the study, it is essential to realize that the instructor will likely not expect an individual to read everything about the topic. Though the professor will require students to have an understanding of the research problem and entirely exhaust the subject, nonetheless, narrowing the research problem will make the research process more straightforward and is a better strategy to approach the study. The researcher should search the library for books, journals, and available materials about the topic. A researcher should proceed to check the table of content for the chapters, which focuses on the specific areas of concern. One can continue to examine a list of books used to find relevant topics on particular issues that can function as the focus of the study .
Contemplate If the Sources Accessed Are Current
Scholarly disciplines require that a researcher uses up to date information from current studies; the emphasis is put in a subject like clinical sciences where discoveries are made every other day. Contrary to the medical field, in social sciences, historical work is recognized and acknowledged. A survey of ancient literature is required to show how research work was carried out over the past few years and the changes that have occurred. It entails a complete understanding of the research question and deliberations of knowledge perspectives, which have transformed over decades – research work in social sciences requires one to comb through various existing literature reviews .
Organizing the Literature Review
Chronology of Events by Publications
Chronological review methods will require the author to write about the materials according to the time of publishing. When there is a clear path that research follows, this approach can be used to build on previous research. The sources should then be arranged systematically by the publication timeline if the order entails a significant trend .
Conceptual Categories
Thematic appraisals of collected works are arranged and structures about a subject matter instead of concentrating on time. Notwithstanding, time progression may be a relevant element in a thematic manner . For instance, a review of the political impact from an internet perspective touching on the America democratic polls could focus on the rise of political parody. In such a case, the study will chronologically reflect on technological developments in the media; however, the chronological method breaks typically away from the chronological order.
The methodological method focusses on the approaches used by the scientist, in the case of the role of the internet in the US presidential polls in the project. A better approach to this methodology would be to gaze into traditional variances amongst France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Alternatively, the review might focus on the interests of a precise administrative party – the procedural literature will impact the type of publications in an appraisal or how the records have conversed . When the organizational method has been decided for the literature review, the required sub-topics to be included in the publication should be stress-free to figure out because they are based on their organizational strategy. From a better understanding, a chronological appraisal will have subsectors for every critical duration.
The thematic review includes subtopics that relate to the theme. Nonetheless, at times the researcher may need to add more sections that are critical to the research; the articles included need to touch on relevant content within the conceptual framework . The chapters and sub-sections that could be included in the study on necessary information about the current situation. The field’s progression and the ideal that is necessary to comprehend the background history, method selections for sources, the standards in which the data is represented, and the questions that can be used in the event require more studies .
Writing the Literature Review
Inscription of the literature appraisal is a simple process when one has grasped the required knowledge and methods that are needed. Notwithstanding, the writing process can be challenging if the author has not been keen on the entire process. In the literature review, a researcher must use evidence-backed information to demonstrate what the researchers are talking about or what idea one is trying to communicate with the recipients of the study .
The researcher must select the most compelling content from each source used; the information should relate directly to the subject matter regardless of whether it is methodological, thematically, or chronological. Points within the literary text can be emphasized by using direct short quotes from the sources. Still, the author should avoid using long quotes as a substitute for the researcher’s summary . Furthermore, it is important to summarize and amalgamate the sources at the end of every thematic paragraph and the end of the appraisal section. Moreover, the author should have control over the study and keep his/her idea over the topic intact. They should maintain caution during paraphrasing not to lose the original information from the sources. It is of paramount significance that the author must include a citation to any paraphrased evidence used within the research work .
Research Mistakes to Avoid
Regardless of the level of subject mastery, any researcher can make simples mistakes that they may assume is the right course of action they have embarked on. The scientist during his/her study may use inappropriate literature review that could easily misguide the research work, and such mistakes arise when the author does not have sufficient time to identify and define crucial publications, they can use in the literature review . The researcher may also rely excessively on secondary resources instead of utilizing primary research data for the inquiry. Such actions may arise from the lack of acknowledging results from previous research because the researcher wants to answer the set theses. Therefore, all aspects of a study must be considered and critically analyzed . Any researcher must ensure they describe the search pro cess that was used in a study to identify the source in the literature review; also the authors ought to report statistical results that have been swept aside instead of subjecting them in meta-analysis or chi-square tools o analysis, and finally, the researchers must ensure that they do not report contrary findings but validated assumptions only .
An interdisciplinary approach to a research question can be a rewarding method used in weighing options to be used in applying new philosophies or concepts to a conservative problem. For instance, what opinions might a social anthropologist hold concerning the resurrect conflict within the Middle East? It is not advisable to substitute a formulated review of significant research and throw it all over the research work, which is in a different field from the very study. Nonetheless, more so in the social sciences field, having to establish the educational from

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