Final Portfolio English Intermediate Composition

In this portfolio, you will show that
you have achieved all course learning outcomes:
Analyze communication from a variety of sources.
Synthesize information from electronic and print sources.
Evaluate audience, situation, and purpose.
Create nuanced texts utilizing applicable writing skills and process.
Create written responses appropriate for the rhetorical context.
You will submit a four-item final portfolio that integrates prior feedback and shows effective improvement from
prior assignment drafts. Your portfolio is expected to be the product of a complete and thorough writing process.
Title Page
Table of Contents
Personal Biographical Statement
Final Response Essay with Reference List
Final Proposal Document with Reference List
Final Report Document with Reference List
The arguments presented in your portfolio must be sound, valid, and based upon evidence from appropriate
sources. Information and evidence must be integrated properly, cited accurately, and used with integrity. Each
item must be appropriately aligned to the subject, occasion, audience, purpose, and speaker

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