Arbitration and Litigation – Principles and Practices

One of the main objectives of resorting to litigation by parties, is to obtain a judgement and secure a remedy or relief.
In the light of the above, citing relevant provisions of law and decided cases write a comprehensive essay on the legal regime governing enforceable judgement in UAE. Your essay need to cover the following:

  1. An explanation on the elements of valid judgement.
  2. An explanation of various types of judgements.
  3. An evaluation of remedies which Courts can order.
  4. An evaluation of remedies which Courts cannot order
  5. Comparison of approaches between UAE and DIFC Courts regarding appropriate remedies.
    Ensure your essay covers the following:
  6. Relevant UAE laws and cases regarding the topic.
  7. Relevant DIFC laws and cases regarding the topic.
  8. You may use hypothetical examples to buttress your points.
  9. You are free to be innovative in structuring your essay.


  1. Word Limit: 5000 words
  2. The assignment must provide a comprehensive account of the topic with logical analysis.
  3. Submission deadline: 17th November 2020.
  4. Type of Font: Times New Roman. Font size: At least size 12 with at least 1.5-line spacing.
  5. The referencing style: Oscola.

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