Alternative Dispute Resolution

“Without prejudice” rule applies on all communications passing between the parties during the course of mediation. Explain this rule and assess its advantages and disadvantages in the mediation process.

  1. Your assignment must be thorough, include analysis and must reflect your understanding of the subject and critically analyzed.
  2. Word limit is 5000 word.
  3. Your assignment be must be submitted by 11/11/2020, by uploading it on the Moodle.
  4. You assignment must be well structured by having a title, introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  5. Check the assessment criteria which is posted on the Moodle along with this assignment.
  6. Ensure that your assignment equally achieves the Course Learning Outcomes indicated in the cover sheet above. .
  7. Your assignment must be rich in terms of number resources with proper citation.
  8. Your assignment must be free of plagiarism.
  9. Choose Times New Roman as a font type for your assignment. Use a font size which is at least 12 pt, and line spacing of at least 1.5.
  10. The referencing style that should be followed is Oxford Humanities/Author Title or Author Date. Further, you have to footnote every reference – you used – at the bottom of every page and include a bibliography list of references at the end of the assignment

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