Management Decision Making

Choose one group decision-making method (i.e., devil’s advocacy, dialectical inquiry, brainstorming, Delphi
technique, or nominal group technique) and explain step by step how your group uses this method to develop a
recommendation to the Toronto City Council.
To write your report, you need to review the following three publications, and meanwhile search for the other
articles and/or reports related to TTC’s battle with Bombardier over delivery delays.
, C. (October 16, 2020). City staff recommend TTC buy up to 60 new streetcars
from Bombardier.
. Retrieved from:
2) Warren, M. (December 30, 2019). After years of delays, Bombardier to deliver the last
new streetcar just days after deadline.
Retrieved from: Anonymous. (October 28, 2015). TTC to sue Bombardier over delayed streetcars. CBC
News. Retrieved from:

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