Professional Practice Reflection – Teaching Practice

Professional Practice Reflection – Teaching Practice
With specific reference to academic literature, provide a reflective account of your own professional practice
that assesses your current approach to teaching and learning within the context of Physical Education and/or
School Sport.
Reflective practice on Teaching approaches
Then we move on to reflect how is Reflective practice on my teaching approach What? So what? Now what?
Constructivism on my teaching approach
Definition of Constructivism
Constructivist approaches
Constructivism and Pedagogical Models of Learning
Teaching games for understanding (TGfU)
Threshold Expectation (To Pass)
To pass this piece of work, students will assess current approaches to teaching and learning within Physical
Education and school sport by engaging with a range of academic sources and reflective accounts of current
practice. There will be evidence of critical evaluation in relation to different pedagogical models, academic
research and a demonstration of the practitioner’s ability to assess their impact on student engagement within

lessons and/or sessions, and, in relation to learning. The assignment will feature a critical understanding of how
to develop appropriately challenging content within selected contexts of physical education and youth sport.

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