Max Haveelar

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion in giving a response to an article reading titled Max Haveelar published back in the year 1860 in Amsterdam.


Even though the character introduced in the novel by the name show his generosity to other individuals, the character still takes a two side view that is Anti-Multatulians and Multatulians. The anti multatulians on their side of view perceives the practice as first of Dekker’s many financial debacles while on the side of the multatulians takes it in the sense that he did it to reach out for the help of a friend, and that is all.

From the article despite the view of the anti-multatulians and the multatulians, we get to find that the author gives as how much the character has gone regarding his progress in life, which has been built up with his courage and risk taking in life (MEIJER, 2001). Also, from the author’s perspective, it is of much interest that we see the character getting appointments even without recommendation which shows how much he was dedicated to his duties or rather the previous task therefore from these we get to understand that anti-multatulians are wrong to some extent ass compared with the multatulians (MEIJER, 2001).

From the article, we also come to some posts that were held by different European officials which therefore leads to the question of what functions the officials played in their various jobs. As for the Governor-general he as the task of counterchecking the other junior officials in their respective dockets such as the bookkeeper, store manager and tax collector within his jurisdiction (MEIJER, 2001). The other European official revealed in the text is the minister for colonies who had the task of appointing and re-appointing individuals to respective positions under the colonial administration (MEIJER, 2001).

Reading of the article or rather a novel brings to the question of What is Multatuli’s opinion of his character Droogstoppel? What part of the colonial relationship does Droogstoppel represent? From the author’s perspective, we get that Multatuli’s opinion on droogstoppel is that droogstoppel is a caricature and a self- centered character who would behave morally in the eyes of the public but real sense corrupt (MEIJER, 2001). From the novel the part the droogstoppel play in the colonial relationship is corruption. The author of the book displays the rotten character of droogstoppel by bringing in Dekker’s efforts in fighting the rotten character such as fighting for the coffee trade that marginalized most of the Javanese (MEIJER, 2001).


From the reading, we get to understand the endeavors that were gone through by the character that is Dekker. Dekker in the novel as anticipated by the author is seen going through so many challenges even though he succeeds in his life even though the weaknesses he had such as eccentricity which even lead to his sanction from his job.


MEIJER, P. (2001). Max Haveelar.

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