Gender Politics: Hijab

In writing the proposal, it must be borne in mind that the essay should reflect thematically and methodically on the course, that is drawing on transboundary elements (transnationalism) and on Gramscian theories (Antonio Gramsci) on religion and body politics. In doing so, it takes a critical, sociological, historically informed, and sometimes a qualitative approach. It moreover focuses on cross-border forms of resistance and subaltern activism. The topic chosen is about Hijab politics and the role of imperialism and Islamophobia in influencing these politics. I attached several sources in a ZIP file from the course reading list that are the most relevant to the aforementioned topic. Nonetheless I haven’t determined the essays question yet, so I need you to do that based on the readings. Also, the course slides on the MENA gender politics are attached. Please refer to the below guidelines to draft the content of the required essay prospectus.

**Content Guidelines**
The Essay Prospectus should include:

• the proposed essay question (which will also be the title of the summative essay);

• a paragraph explaining what the question means, defining any key terms and stating why you wish to pose this question;

• a paragraph explaining which debate the question addresses, citing the key literature involved in this debate;

• a paragraph explaining the overall approach to the summative essay (theoretical, conceptual, methodological and so on) and about how I plan to structure it.

• a bibliography (minimum five references);

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