Community and Public Health Nursing

Community and Public Health Nursing
Fieldwork Project

Purpose: The fieldwork project requires RN to BSN students to independently enhance learning opportunities in a community health setting. Community fieldwork projects provide lived experiences for students to balance formal instruction with the opportunity to address needs and serve a community of interest. The fieldwork project is a learning experience for the student as well as a benefit to the community and the population it serves. For most students, the final project will be a teaching intervention or a quality improvement project.

Requirements: Students will complete a minimum of15 live fieldwork hours (+10 in Capstone) at a community-based agency (e.g. long term care setting, home health agency, satellite clinic, hospice agency, rehabilitation center, soup kitchen, assisted living, school system, health fair, etc.) that strives to meet challenges that influence the overall health of the community. Students will collaborate with the agency and/or course instructor to identify at least three (3) learning outcomes to be met during the fieldwork experience.

As a component of the culminating Capstone Project in your final term, the NUR 3634C fieldwork project provides an opportunity to demonstrate community assessment, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and research skills while collaborating with community health care providers. This project will be submitted as a professional paper discussing the project steps including the purpose of the project, introduction of the community agency including its mission, goals, and services (if applicable), the topic, clientele or population of interest, details of the project (intervention and implementation), and how the project will benefit the agency and the population of interest. It may be helpful to use headings throughout the paper (based on the rubric) to ensure you don’t exclude important information. There are also 3 sample papers in the module showing well-written papers. Incidentally, this project paper will carry over to Capstone where you will be adding a section on Project Evaluation.

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