Euthanasia in Canada: A Right or a Tragedy

Title Page: Your name & ID, class title & number & section, my name, name of school, date, a Real Title (enough information to give the reader a good sense of what the research is about, make it “hip/catchy/poetic!”).

Abstract: An abstract is an overall summary of the paper about 150-200 words long (cannot be longer) in italics and in both English and French. In your abstract, you must present the topic, your thesis and the main arguments of your research. The abstract will be identified and presented on the Abstract page before the Introduction.

Introduction: TELL’EM WHAT YOU’RE GONNA TELL’EM! First indicate the ethical issue you have selected and the purpose of your paper. Then, at the end of the introductory paragraph, present the thesis, the answer to the question of your paper is asking. Your thesis is to integrate and thereby foreshadow each of your three discipline papers, giving a historical perspective/context, and exploring two other social science disciplines of your choice.

Substance: TELL’EM! Your essay is made by looking at your chosen ethical issue through the lenses of three social sciences. These three must now become one united, integrated essay. Keep in mind that your paper must be logically organized, and that it must flow! PLEASE READ YOUR PAPER ALOUD BEFORE HANDING IT IN!

Each of these perspectives must be introduced briefly. You must use transition paragraphs (or bridges) to pass from one to the other. Use the introductions and conclusions of each of your 3 perspectives for these transitions. Your arguments must be supported by adequate and sufficient references.

Keep the titles you used for each paper as section headings for your final paper.

Conclusion: TELL’EM WHAT YOU TOLD’EM! The conclusion should recapitulate your topic. Go back to your thesis and review the answer to your question. You must present your main arguments briefly. No new information about your topic should be presented in the conclusion.

It is also in the conclusion that you should present your personal reflection about the topic based on your reading of what has been done to resolve the situation. This personal reflection must go beyond the “it is so unfair”. Briefly present what has been done, is being done, or should be done, and contribute your own suggestions for a viable solution.
Bibliography/Works Cited (IN THE PROPER FORMAT) at least 12 good sources. All sources must be presented all together in alphabetical order. I will pay particular attention to the format, penalizing every single mistake.

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