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From the Medicare quiz, I scored 7 out of 10, while from the Medicaid quiz, I scored 10 out of 10, as shown in the screenshots below. I gained much from the question about Medicare and Medicaid. The article, “Medicare at 50” is very informative. It offers information on the origin of the program and articulates its success for 50 years (Neuman and Rother, 2015). There are important aspects that I have learned from reading the article, especially on how it has changed to become what it is currently. For a solid 50 years, the health plan has been a reliable guarantor of health as well as the welfare of older and disabled people in the US. The old and disabled is an important group in the population who need special care that if not taken care of in the program, then their health and welfare will deteriorate. Medicare has seen success in this by paying their medical bills. This is the most essential aspect of this health insurance program that has to be commended.

The program has improved access and affordability of care for the old and disabled Americans is a critical challenge given the health limitations of age and disability that may prevent them from working. Besides, the program has made sure that this special group access healthcare services they require. Through an increase in its coverage, Medicare has provided vital care services to older and disabled Americans across the country. As the article outlines, Medicare has had a significant impact on the lives of a million Americans. In addition, Medicare has actively stood in the gap for older and disabled Americans from a crushing health system by championing the interests of this population in terms of the pricing of care.

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