Strategic leadership effectiveness and efficiency

Leadership has a direct relationship to the success of an organization. To begin with, among the existing leadership styles, transformational leadership has been determined as the single most efficient leadership framework (Jyoti, & Bhau, 2015). Being a transformational leader is something that has always seemed to come naturally to me. Due to the fact that the industry of tourism and hospitality is expanding fast and has experienced different changes over time, I will apply a transformational leadership style as a leader. As a leader in a tourism and hospitality industry, my goal is to use technology and social media to promote the relationship. In this paper, I will demonstrate my understanding of key leadership attributes and reflect on the applicability of the transformational leadership style.

Now, starting with my mission leadership statement, I need to appeal to people’s values and motivate them on where I am supposed to lead them and why.  As a leader, I want to inspire great loyalty and trust among my followers. The people that I lead in tourism and hospitality industry has to be loyal to the directions that I give as a leader. Also, they should be able to trust me as well as other members of the organizations. To achieve this, I will ensure there is a healthy relationship between leaders and followers. In regards to this, I will create an inspiring vision for the future and encourage people to buy into and deliver the mission. My philosophy on leadership is that a leader is an individual who can build an ever strong and trust-based relationship with people.

As a leader, I should be able to know key values. I should be able to demonstrate my values in my leadership styles and actions. I believe that core values in an organization should be communicated through actions, especially in the ways through which a business is conducted daily. I advocate strongly on demonstrated values compared to spoken or written actions. However, I also believe that spoken values that reinforce and support a given action and specific action that reinforce a give spoken value, make a powerful combination. As a leader, I choose integrity, respect, teamwork, honesty, loyalty, and diversity, among others to assist me in the journey of leadership. These values are an important guide to a successful leadership process and procedure.

There are two goals that are most important and applicable to me as a leader. My first goal is to use technology and social media as a guide to assist me in improving internal communication and performance of the organization as a leader. Social media is an important way to bring the organization closer together. I will use technology for communication, collaboration, and meetings. However, it is important to note that for successful use of social media in an organization, there has to be trusted. I will make sure that the culture allows for open and transparent communication. All the employees will no longer be apprehensive about communicating for fear of retribution. The types of communication affect how people share information and overall performance of an organization.

Also, my second goal is identifying a leader in followers and helping them grow and progress to become a leader themselves. According to Sarah White (2018), transformation leadership is about leaders being able to encourage and motivate followers to create change that will assist in the growth and shape the future of the organization. In light of this, as a leader, I will motivate my followers without micro-managing to allow them to take authority over decisions in their assigned jobs. It is a leadership approach that is designed to give employees more room to be creating, look more to the future and find solutions to existing problems. The followers in a leadership track will be prepared and inspired to become transformational leaders themselves through training and mentorship.

The rationale for pursuing the path of using technology and social media as a guide is to assist me in bringing together all the followers and in creating a culture of teamwork. With this technology, I can reach followers or teams on the go and mobile. Teams or followers expect mobile access to internal and external information. Social media platforms make it easy to reach out to each other, whether in or out of office and share information that is important for the performance of the organization. Also, when people communicate through social media platforms like Facebook and Tweeter, they become friends and builds a healthy relationship. Through this, I will be able to foster a culture of teamwork. Teamwork is important within the organization to achieve the anticipated goals and objectives.

The rationale for pursuing the path of identifying followers and help them grow and progress and become leaders themselves is to improve the productivity of followers. Instead of having to employ other leaders from outside, it is a great gain to develop leaders from inside who understands the vision and mission of the organization (Elgelal & Noermijati, 2015). Besides, I believe leadership is about inspiring and motivating people to become better. As a leader, it is my mandate to make sure that my followers are motivated to be better leaders to assist support the development of the organization. With the nature of the tourism and hospitality industry, it is important to develop leaders who are accustomed to the ways and values of the organization.

Action strategies are important in achieving my leadership goals in a tourism and hospitality industry. To achieve the goal of using technology and social media as a guide to assist me in improving internal communication and performance of the organization. First, I will create an open-door policy to motivate communication within the followers, which will improve interpersonal communication. Having open communication creates transparency, which is important in achieving the use of social media. The strategy will promote a good relationship among the followers in the organization. For instance, using Tweeter or other communication-based technology requires a cohesive team.

Second, I will create a communication infrastructure that will allow for such communication within and outside the organization. It is important to ensure that every employee has a device that can allow communication through social media. In part, this is important because every employee must be able to contribute and share their opinions on organizational issues. In addition, I will invest in setting up a communication hub in the organization, which will allow the employees to communicate effectively and easily. Having the right communication equipment within the organization is crucial for achieving the anticipated goal. Therefore, with a strong communication hub, people will be able to share information without hindrance.

In addition, to achieve the goal of identifying followers and help them grow and progress to become leaders, I will do the following. First, I will cultivate an executive mentality. The idea behind the action is to ensure that my followers are wrapped up in the small things that they are unable to see the big picture. In regards to this, I will host regular meetings with the team and share with them a large occurrence in the organization. It will assist the team in understanding the primary objectives that are being driven. I will give them a run-down on the way other divisions are working. Therefore, I believe the strategy will assist not only in finding out a follower who can be a leader but also in developing.

Second, I will present new challenges and opportunities to allow me to achieve the objective of identifying and developing followers. It is important to challenge the team so that they can demonstrate and achieve their full potential. For instance, if the marketing team depends more on the internet platform to get customers, I can challenge them to try meeting the client’s one on one and get outside their comfort zone.  Besides, I will also work with the team’s special abilities and interests. In case, a follower seems to like making friends and get along with everybody within the organization. I will invite the person to lead a customer-care department to allow the person to develop his or her skills and establish a strong client bond.

Moreover, achieving the two leadership goals will have different outcomes at the individual level, team level, and organization level. At an individual level, each follower will acquire knowledge and skills depending on their department. At a team level, there will be aspects such as a strong relationship and cohesiveness (Popli & Rizvi, 2016). Achieving the set goals will make sure that the team’s communication is advanced, resulting in a strong relationship. At the organization level, attaining the goals will assist realize the objectives, and improve performance. Having strong leadership will result in good performance. 

In conclusion, after working under autocratic leadership, I gained an interest in being a transformational leader.  As a transformational leader, I can convey a sense of trust and meaningfulness and develop employees by making them better. For instance, my leadership goals of using technology and social media to improve internal communication and identifying followers and make them leaders resonate with the role of a transformational leader. Therefore, for the effective performance of organizations, it is important to create use transformational leadership approach.

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