Self-Assessment Paper

Successful healthcare leaders need clinical skills, business competencies, as well as interpersonal or soft skills to guide their organizations to success (Hernandez, 2019). Leadership skills and competencies are essential when managing healthcare organizations and teams. As a healthcare executive, I believe that communication skills are most important for success in healthcare organizations. Working in the organization has helped me interact with some of the health professionals in the field of healthcare executives. The healthcare executives who have interacted with were exceptional in how they were management operations in healthcare. As a healthcare provider, I have worked to make sure that the facility operates smoothly.

Working as a health care executive is not an easy task. Assisting in educating community members about important health issues in the setting requires commitment and hard work. Serving in this field presents a good platform where one can bring together people who share the same interest in healthcare. Comparing myself to those healthcare executives who have been successful, I can say that I am doing a great job. For instance, I was able to organize a healthcare conference to educate the patients, family members, and healthcare providers about the importance of fostering a good relationship. I can confirm that most of the attendance was impressed by the way the issues were addressed.

Moreover, I learned that most of the successful healthcare executives were good at communication. They seem to understand both healthcare providers and patients for them to have a flow in what they want to achieve. Besides, they seem to be very creative. For instance, they solve problems for themselves and their teams. Measuring on this competency, I have been allocating resources for maximum impact, and find innovative ways to inspire and empower their teams to deliver superior patient care. Therefore, I can say that I understand my team within the organization.

Healthcare executives must be nimble to quickly grasp and devise strategies to manage change from seemingly all sides. Healthcare facilities depend on their leaders to understand and adapt to changes themselves. They must guide the workforce, navigating the human side of change management. However, I have not performed well in this because I take time to accept and adopt a change. I have been dragging the organization in effecting change. With these weaknesses, I believe we have lost some essential opportunities that could have transformed the organization.


Hernandez, S. R. (2019). The Global Healthcare Manager: Competencies, Concepts, and Skills. The Journal of Health Administration Education, 36(1), 123.

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