closed head injuries from sports and there lasting effect on a person

Research paper: You will have the opportunity to write a paper on an aspect of neuropsychology that you find
interesting. The goal of this paper is to practice and refine your writing skills as well as allow you to better
comprehend and critically evaluate original scientific research papers from the neuropsychology literature. You
will need to obtain prior approval of your topic. You must rely on scholarly books and peer-reviewed journal
articles for this paper. Your paper should include a concise but thorough review of the most salient research
findings from the literature. Although you may use older journal articles in order to introduce your topic, the
focus of the paper should be on RECENT literature (2016 and on). Text citations and the reference list must
follow the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Late papers will not be accepted without proper
documentation. Your papers should be 5-10 pages in length (NOT including title page and references). Papers
should cite approximately 5-10 articles and must include a reference list.
Useful Guidelines

  1. As mentioned above, your paper should be written in APA (7th edition) format. A great link with all the
    information you will need is:
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that your paper is correctly written. This includes meeting paper
    specifications, asking for clarification, finding adequate references, editing, asking for help if needed etc…
  3. All words, thoughts, ideas, concepts, or writing that is not your own must be cited. Avoid quotations in
    psychology. Rather, paraphrase in your own words with appropriate citations. Otherwise, it is plagiarism and
    will be treated as such.
  4. You should only use professional, peer-reviewed references. You may use primary, secondary and tertiary
    sources ONLY. Primary sources are original research papers (have introduction, method, results, and discussion
    sections). Secondary sources are review papers and tertiary sources are scholarly books such as your textbook.
    You may NOT use newspapers, magazines, or websites.
  5. Use professional language. Conversational English, text language, contractions, slang etc. are not appropriate.
  6. Do not use first person. There should be no “I” or “you” in the paper.
  7. Edit your own paper. Microsoft Word and pages for Macintosh do not catch everyth

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