what is the importance of informing women of the consequences of untreated pubic symphysis diastasis.

Needs to be written in third person.
4000- lit review around the area looking at the lack of information women are given on the condition pre/ post
natal what studies have been looked at the condition and the out comes. what training on the area are health
given .
intro- why chooses area during my pregnancy the condition had not been mentioned to me or what to look out
for during and after pregnancy and why it is importance to service, practice.
lit review- includes search strategy keyword search table and data summery to be included in appendices.
question/ hypothesis – a clear question/ hypothesis that encapsulates the need for a research proposal
look at global resources what are the relevance to physiotherapy practice
2000- word research proposal including study design and methods are there any ethical consideration justify
methodology used
Methodology- philosophy behind the research approach
subjects methods and data collection- define research population and sample size participant and data collection
data analysis/ interpretation
ethical considerations
Appendices- not included in word count
-key words search table
-PRISAM chart
-Data Summary appraisal
-sample participant consent form
-Sample participant information documentation or stakeholder communication

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