Synthesis paper: Economic Models and Covid-19

Task description: Synthesis is a written discussion that draws on two or more sources. It requires that students
summarize sources and evaluate them. Students need to understand why these sources are being brought
together and then formulate a thesis that narrows the topic into a declarative statement.
Synthesis writing is an individual assignment given for the AWP course students in order to provide practice in
working with source materials and evaluate their skills in writing synthesis.
The students’ work should demonstrate their ability to understand the main ideas of texts, find relationships
among/between sources, formulate the purpose, organise and structure their writing, support their claims by
evidence from sources, cite the sources and provide accurate reference lists. This includes active engagement,
critical thinking and ability to evaluate the importance of the given information as well as infer relationships
among ideas.
To complete the assignment students are required to write on the topic about economic models and covid 19 and
base it on the article provided by the lecturer for summary assignment and another one found by the student. If
relevant, students can use one or two of their own sources to complete the assignment. The length of the
synthesis essay is 700 – 800 words.
The “given article” is
The other one I have not been able to find. I need a synthesis that references 2 articles (more is okay too if more
The topic can be of your choice or you can explain why liberal market economies are better (as written in the

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