Learning Spaces

Detailed Brief for the Individual Research Report
The purpose of this module is to provide a realistic situation for students to work towards realising
sustainable development, acting in a professional manner and providing authentic assessment
methods. Accordingly, this individual research report should collect a body of evidence to support
the project aims and objectives. In doing so, this work should draw from the findings of the group
presentation, build upon the areas identified as requiring further knowledge and provide the
rationale for the design of individual project proposals.
The report should utilise a range of pertinent sources to illuminate a way to achieve the project
outcome and could include empirical data, case study examples, and evidence from professional
resources, guidance and best practice. It is not intended to outline the proposed interventions
themselves; rather it will provide a succinct, knowledge base for individual proposals. This is
sometimes referred to as a state-of-the-art review or a research synthesis report.
Some topics you might want to investigate include:
• Health benefits of greenspace,
• Biodiversity enhancement,
• Education for sustainable development,
• Environments for successful learning,
• Building energy efficiency,
• Inclusive architecture.
The assessment seeks to evaluate the process of enquiry into a particular topic, how the most
appropriate sources of information have been chosen and interpreted in a way that is most useful to
the case project. Each individual student will submit their own report, unless agreed otherwise. The
expected length of the submission is 1,500 words, plus or minus 10%. The List of References does
not count in the word limit. I suggest that you divide your essay into an introduction, main body and
While the document should be accessible for a non-academic audience, it must maintain the highest
standards of academic scholarship, with all knowledge claims based on credible evidence, which is
transparently attributed.

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