Global Strategic Management ( Strategic Report on CSR ) Compare and contrast the two chosen companies Apple and Samsung

PowerPoint, to be able to modify those things that the tutor wants me to focus on and modify in order to develop
this summative part, a very important thing the good presentation and reference of the essay will be valued with
10% of the mark.
I also attach the guide for the development of the individual report.
Also in the guide of the summative assignment, we find the essential and recommended reading list that we have
to use, is below the guidance of the summative Assessment Brief in the files upload
Your strategic report should focus on two specific large global companies from the same
sector/industry that have international operations. The report should address three questions (see below).
Task 1: Evaluate the external business environment and compare the dynamic capabilities of
the two chosen companies. Contextualising (a) their relative competitiveness and (b)
responses to globalisation of markets and technology (20%).
Task 2: Critically analyse and compare their current CSR initiatives and social and
environmental innovations, in the context of their international operations, pointing out
the relative advantages and risks of these (40%).
Make sure you evaluate the different stakeholders involved in sustainability and
compare three CSR initiatives of your choice, all initiated or in partnership with the
chosen two global companies.
Task 3: Assess and compare potential CSR strategies that enhance organisational success.
Discuss the role of the sustainability offerings for a) long-term profitability and b)
strategic partnering with society and governments in growth markets (30%).
A further 10% is available for clarity, structure, grammar, correct Harvard referencing and overall
professional presentation showing clear report style.
Best answers will draw explicitly on Strategy, International Business and CSR concepts, tools,
theories and analysis from the module and apply them to the chosen organisations. Clear referencing
(Harvard system), professional presentation with appropriate diagrams/tables are required.
The strategic report should NOT exceed 3,500 words (excluding abstract and the list of references at
Assessment Brief Summative 2020-21.docx
University of Roehampton Business School 1/7
the end) and demonstrate clear report style with relevant Harvard references. Appendices are allowed
outside this limit but NO MORE than 6 pages.
Any written work should be spell-checked and a contents page should be included. Please use one font
size throughout the report (e.g. Arial size 11 or Times New Roman size 12) in black ink. Use DIN A4
format and page margins of at least 2.5 cm or 1 inch

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