United States v City of Newark

United States of America v. City of Newark
Over the last 25 years, The United States Justice Department, or DOJ as its often referred to, has investigated 68 police departments for a pattern or practice of civil rights violations. In 2011 the DOJ began an extensive investigation into reports of abusive police practices in Newark, New Jersey.
Civil rights investigators uncovered a patter of unconstitutional stops, use of excessive force and property thefts. These practices not only broke the law but eroded trust between the community and the Newark Police Department (NPD). The Justice Department discovered about 75 percent of stops made by Newark police were illegal, many targeting black residents for loitering or wandering.
In March 2016 the DOJ and the City of Newark entered into a Consent Decree. The decree required the Newark police department to undergo a number reforms over a period of 5 years. The degree mandated NPD draft and train officers on new policies across many areas including use of force, body-worn cameras and community policing. There is always the issue of evaluating success.
(1) Describe the key mandates laid out in the Consent Decree between the United States government and Newark Police Department. Be sure to explain what is a decree and its legal enforceability.
(2) Describe the data gathering requirements of the decree and how they may affect police countability in the future.
(3) What other police departments were subjected to similar agreements and/or investigations?
(4) Describe to what extent the Newark Police Department has complied with the agreement, and if these sorts of approaches to police reform are effective.
(5) Describe in detail any racial components to the mandates imposed on NPD.
5 pages not including reference pages, Size 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced, MLA format reference page.

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