Should the Canadian government fund safe injection sites for people with drug addiction?

Argumentative Essay.

• Based on the evidence from your research, choose a side of the debate: this is your stance on the topic. Your stance must be based on evidence. It should not be based on your own opinion. I want this essay to support Canadian government to fund safe injection sites for people with drug addiction.

• Your thesis statement will present your stance/argument on the topic and introduce three or four key reasons that support the stance

• The introductory paragraph should introduce the topic and briefly introduce both sides of the debate. End this paragraph with a thesis statement that presents an argument (i.e. the side of the debate that your essay will support). Each body paragraph should present one main reason that supports the thesis. Provide evidence from your research.
• Keep the argument based on objective facts. Do not write about your own experiences or feelings. While your opinion will be implied in your thesis, don’t explicitly write about your opinions. (Do not write “I think…” or “I believe…”). This is a research essay, not an opinion paper.
Uiquse MLA 8th edition for citation

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