Roar of the Tiger Mom

This paper is going to be a Thesis and a Annotated bibliography about the topic provided. In the materials section I have attached detailed instructions and I have the article of the topic provided so please pay attention to details such as using a limit words of 600-700 words and where to get the references from. NOTE: Please work on the assignment that is due Nov24.

Algonquin Library link:

After this research paper, I would be holding a seminar so I would like for you to answer the following questions and include them at the end of the paper for me please:
o A detailed outline with full thesis, topic sentences, and support
o A copy of the annotated bibliography (revised)
o Two carefully crafted, focused, but open-ended discussion questions
o Perhaps explain why you choose this topic and why is it of interest to you
o Perhaps explain the evolution of your argumentative thesis
o Perhaps give a broad overview of your sources using your annotated bibliography

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