Do ethnic identities and differences inevitably lead to conflict?

Assessment criteria
In general, your coursework will be marked according to:

  • Content – Relevance of the materials used; breadth of reading; evidence of a understanding of key issues and
    debates relevant to the module; relating theory/concepts to evidence/issues; analysis of theories and issues.
  • Structure – Clarity of structure; logic of structure and arguments; clear introduction and conclusion.
  • Presentation – Clarity of expression; sentence construction and grammar; appropriate citation of references and
    bibliographic format.
    General Advice on Writing:
    • Aim to read extensively. For the Research Essay you should be consulting a between 8 and 10 books and/or
    journal articles.
    • Students will lose marks for excessive referencing from a limited number of sources.
    • Do not rely on basic introductory textbooks.

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