THE rich get richer and the poor get prison

Please Read the attached article and address the following:
Look at Prison as a Social Institution and the history of prison as being a form of social control, how have these
things changed over the last several decades and why have they changed? Have they changed for the better or
have they gotten worse? Does an Institution such as prison have a role in modern day society? Please make sure
you address the three different sociological perspectives when explaining.
Make sure when explaining your answers you explain fully and elaborate your answers. I want to know that you
understand the concepts underlying these issues, regarding social inequality, institutions, and race. PLEASE
make sure you answer and explain thoroughly using the sociological perspectives. MAKE SURE YOU ARE
Answers should not be written word for word from the textbook. Work must reflect your interpretation of what
you learned.
REQUIREMENTS: 1 page minimum (4-5 paragraph minimum) FONT SIZE 12!!!
Assignment must be typed.. The assignment must be typed (or copied/pasted) directly into the Canvas screen.
DO NOT increase the size of your font to fit the page content requirement!!
The following resources are included:

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