Post-Pornography and OnlyFans

Please write an essay exploring post-pornography, pornography after the internet, posthuman concepts and the
development of parasocial relationships as a result of platforms like OnlyFans, which you should use as the main
case study.
“OnlyFans has been successful in empowering some of their more popular creators by making sex work
profitable for them, in an industry already being destabilised by the internet. Although still deeply stigmatised,
digital sex work in the time of a pandemic has undeniably changed the way content is both created and
As much as most people think OnlyFans is simply a paid porn site, it’s more than that. In some cases, it’s
perpetuating the idea of parasocial relationships: which is simply a one-sided relationship, giving someone an
illusion of intimacy. The relationships formed between creator and consumer is about more than just sex, it’s
about loneliness and wanting to create deeper personal relationships and having a desire for that experience. This
is indicative of what people are lacking – it’s an affection deprivation.” (this is my proposal for the essay, feel
free to use this in the essay, and as a guide for what to expand on)
I’ve uploaded some lecture slides so you can use the concepts and theories to add to your argument. Please
reference the “whorearchy” concept as well as other academic sources.

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