Pope Alexander VI, Pope Julius II, Pope Leo X and how they set the stage for the reformation with acting in more political reasons then religious ones

The topic of your paper is completely open, other than the general
requirement that it concern some aspect of European history in the time period of
our course. I strongly suggest that everyone talk to me at some point to discuss
your topic and what sources you will use.
Choosing a topic is often the most difficult stage in writing research
papers. First of all, ask yourself what general topics interest you: military history,
the history of the Church, biographies of famous people, etc. From there try to
form a particular question which you would like to know the answer to. The more
specific the question, the better. For example, you might start with a general
interest in women’s history. Next try to narrow it down to a more specific
question, like “How did the Renaissance affect the lives of women?” or “How
were women in Renaissance Florence educated?”
Students must tell me by Friday Oct. 30 what their topic is, and whether
they will do a paper or a PowerPoint.
For this project, you must use AT LEAST one primary source and AT
LEAST eight secondary sources. The primary source can be anything dating
from the early modern period: a letter, a legal document, a painting, a piece of
music, etc. Note that analysis of a primary source is a major factor in the final
grade; do not just mention it once! The secondary sources can be books,
journal articles, or internet sources (but be very careful with the internet: there is
a lot of inaccurate information out there!). Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable
The Bierce Library website can be very helpful:
I also recommend JSTOR
And Project Muse
If you write a paper, you must use either footnotes or endnotes. MLAstyle parenthetical citations are not acceptable. For proper methods of citation,
consult Kate Turabian, “Manual for Writers of Research Papers,” or Mary Lynn
Rampolla, “A Pocket Guide to Writing in History.” You should include a title page
and a bibliography, and be sure to number the pages. Use 10- or 12-point font,
and have one-inch margins.
If you do a PowerPoint, the last slide should list your sources.

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