Museum evaluation

Museum evaluation

you will write
an evaluation of two online exhibition websites located at this webpage from the National Museum of the American Indian:

please mention what exhibits are used

your evaluations, include the following information:
-describe your experiences moving through the content presented to you
-identify the types of content you encountered (e.g. video, slide show, artifacts display)
-describe your reactions to the overall themes presented

When writing your evaluation, you may want to consider:

How significant is the layout and presentation style for the patrons’ understanding and
appreciation of Native American culture in Pre-Contact and Post-Contact periods?

Is there a consideration for patrons with varying degrees of experience with non-Western
art? Include an example and explain how it does or does not work to allow for patrons’
different levels of knowledge and experience. What additional resources were used to
enhance the visitor experience?

Which aspect or feature of the exhibit intrigued you the most? How do you think it accomplished this.
Be critical in a positive or negative manner!

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