Has the Pandemic Expedited Digital Transformation in the UK – A critical ANT Study using Normalisation Theory

” Literature review critically analysing
‘Has the Pandemic Expedited Digital Transformation in the UK – A Critical ANT Study using Normalisation
Process Theory’
Please find below my thoughts on the structure of the review
I don’t wish to focus on the challenges of the adoption of digital transformation but rather:
a) the processes that systems/actors need to undertake to get to a place where this is embedded and seen as
‘normal’ – ‘business as usual’.
b) how this is aligned with the Actor Network Theory
c) I would like a Critical Analysis looking at the Theories that are current within Health & Social Care –
Deducting that the Normalisation process and ANT are preferred and reasons why.
d) Critical Analysis over the last 10 years of Digital Technology in the UK with a focus on Long Term
Conditions, this will need to be from a system perspective e.g. SME/NHS (Hospital/Commissioner/Community)
Local Authority (Care Homes/Extra Care etc)
e) The areas that can be explored from a tech perspective are:
i) Telemedicine/Telehealth/MHealth/Wearables
ii)Assistive Technologies
ii) Analystics – Blockchain/AI/Big Data/Predictive Analysis
iii) Smart Cities – Healthcare

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