Exam stress and how it effects health and performance of young adult/children

3000 word research portfolio. A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF HOW REASECH /investigation (using secondary
1- included in own
description of methodology for your literature review, description of the search procedure Search engines/
Databases used
Search terms used e.g. the ones related to the sample
size, sample group/Hand searching,
or the reference sections for key articles were searched and extra sources
2- description of the search results and how you selected
your key articles
3- brief description of the method of analysis/the
structure of your literature review (1-2 sentences should be enough)-structure literature review by
themes (please do not simply describe findings from individual
articles in turn).
4-Search criteria? (period searched, source types, peer-reviewed?, primary studies
only?, any other criteria –such as the sample size, the ones relating to sociodemographic characteristics of the
sample group, geography, language, etc.)
■ How did you/how are you going to narrow down your search results?
■ How your key articles were selected?
■ How many sources are you going to use for your review?
How your findings will be presented?
minimum of 8 academic sources must be included,
excluding newspaper articles, statistics, policy papers, research reports,
etc. Academic sources only include peer-reviewed journal articles and academic

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