Developmental Stage

Article Critique Paper

  1. Critique 2 peer-reviewed journal articles (one from each developmental stage).
  2. Write a 1000-word essay (per article; times new roman, double-space) critique addressing the following (for
    each article separately):
  3. Identify major ideas. Identify the developmental stage of the target population addressed in the article. Review
    the major points described in the article by examining the article’s background and purpose.
  4. Evaluate the Methodology/Applicability. Articulate an examination of the methodology used (i.e.,
    methodological approach used, data collection procedures, etc.). Do the methods used align with the purpose of
    the article? Describe how the article compares, contrasts, or adds to other literature explored in the course.
  5. Respond. Provide your thoughts on the article in a clear manner. Discuss what you learned from reading the
    article and ideas you might use in the future as a counselor.
    Please let me know the title of the chosen articles before you start.

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