Considering other perspectives on listening to children

Choosing a journal article from a selection of two.
Writing a summary of the key findings made in the article that were drawn from listening to the children
involved in the research.
Discussing two of these key findings, drawing on material from Study Guides 4–8.
A short introduction to the article outlining who the authors are and what they are reporting on (150 words).
A summary of the key findings reported that resulted from listening to the children involved in the study. Your
summary should be written in your own words to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the article.
(450 words).
A discussion of two of these key findings that resulted from listening to the children involved. What have you
read about similar issues so far in E229 and what do you think about them? What did you find particularly
interesting about the findings that the children raised? Are they relevant to other children in different settings or
situations? For this discussion, it is important that you back up your opinions by drawing on what other
commentators and researchers have said in Block 1, Study Guides 4–8 and any Tutor Group Forum
conversations that you have participated in. You can also use examples from the Study Guide activities as
evidence for the points that you are making. (650 words).
You are not required to include a formal introduction or conclusion in your summary, but make sure that you
cover these three areas.

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