Choose a joint from the body: Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, Hip, Spine, Head, Neck, etc

As future medical professionals you have to really, truly know the anatomy and physiology of the organs. It is
important to be able to combine what you’ve learned over the semester to develop a mental map of how all these
systems work together. The integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and nervous system work together to allow our
bodies to function. For this assignment, you will write a paper explaining how a specific joint complex within
the body functions and how these systems work together to allow for and create movement at that joint. Be sure
to describe the role one of these systems plays in maintaining homeostasis. The paper should be written to a
beginning Anatomy and Physiology Student.
First you will create a proposal and outline for your body area. When your outline is approved, you may finish
your paper.
Then you will conduct the research for your project and prepare the paper. The final paper should be a minimum
of 1000 words not including references.
Paper Proposal
Choose a joint from the body: Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, Hip, Spine, Head, Neck, etc
Create an outline based on the criteria below.
Start your list of resources/citations and record them in APA format.
Submit your project proposal to the Final Presentation Proposal assignment folder, by the due date.
This is due by Friday, Nov 27th. Instructors will review these outlines as they come in. Please give us 24-48
hours (not including weekends) to read and provide feedback.
Final Paper
Write a paper on your chosen area that includes the following:
Name of the area
Criteria for final paper:
Describe the structures present in this area including: skin, muscles, connective tissue (tendons/ligaments/etc),
bone and nerves. Describe these structures with specific anatomical terms so you can discuss how they work

Use directional terms to describe the comparative locations such as superior to, inferior to, anterior, etc.
Explain how these structures (muscle, ligaments/joints and bony landmarks) work together to allow for
movement of the joint(s) in this area of the body.
Use anatomical terms to describe the types of movement at this joint.
Explain how signals travel from the brain to this area and name specific structures the signal would travel
through to get here.
Explain how one of the systems (skin, muscle, bone, nervous system) in the area works to maintain homeostasis.
References: Provide references using APA Style – you do not need to include an abstract.
Your paper can include both text and images, just make sure to give credit to whomever made the images.

Once you have completed the report double check your formatting. This is part of what we grade on and you
will lose points for formatting errors.
Typed: 12-point Times New Roman
Maximum 1” margins on all four sides.
All paragraphs should be indented without line gaps in between, except after a section heading.
Include page numbers on bottom right
All sources must be appropriately referenced. If the textbook is paraphrased or quoted a reference must be
provided using APA formatting.
Revise and make sure your final paper uses language, grammar, spelling and sentence structure appropriate to a
college class. (Writing Center information on My CCA – Academic Support – Tutoring Service – Tutoring
Schedule – Writing Studio – Centre Tech and Lowry – then Writing Studio sign-up)
Submit the final paper to the D2L drop box folder by the due date. It must be a .doc, pdf, or similar file type.
(.pages files do not work. If you have a Mac, please convert to a Word compatible file before submitting)
(some guidelines borrowed from (2011), Sarikas,
S.N., Laboratory Investigations in Anatomy & Physiology, 2nd Edition (2010)

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